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How to add running programs in bottom panel Ubuntu 10.04

For displaying list of running programs in panel (top or bottom), right click at panel 1. Select “Add to panel” 2. Search and select for “Window list”  and add it. Advertisements

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English to tamil offline dictionary

Code was written in ruby, Database: sqlite3 Download Files here File: word.rb Connecting database using sqlite3 adbapter and active_record ORM. File: [only for debian package] run $sh Others should install ruby, rubygems gems: sqlite3, active_record, nokogiri File: … Continue reading

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English to Tamil Translator script

Hi friends, Started creating translator script in ruby, which will convert to english document file to tamil pdf file. Main idea of script is to convert English pdf to Tamil Pdf So its easy to translate e-book easily to our … Continue reading

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English to Tamil dictionary via terminal

Simple Installation: sudo apt-get install python-setuptools sudo apt-get install python-beautifulsoup Download code from github .Save code in file. then run below code. and then run code. python Features: See all words listed with given alphabets. See meaning of … Continue reading

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Alien – convert to debian package

Alien is wonderful tool which is used to convert form one package to another . First we should install Alien package. sudo apt-get install alien and then we can convert any package to our ubuntu package . sudo alien -d … Continue reading

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Aptana , very nice to use

Hi, APTANA STUDIO for past few days I am using Aptana Studio 2 , an IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment ) which was built on Eclipse . It was very nice to use 🙂 Give us more comfort . It has … Continue reading

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how to Change hostname in ubuntu

hi sudo hostname sathia This will change hostname temporarily go to etc/hostname and change your hostname sathia@sathia-Aspire-5738:~$ sudo vi /etc/hostname and change your hostname in that file . This will change it permanently 🙂  

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