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How to add running programs in bottom panel Ubuntu 10.04

For displaying list of running programs in panel (top or bottom), right click at panel 1. Select “Add to panel” 2. Search and select for “Window list”  and add it. Advertisements

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Add user for sudoers file in fedora

[sathia@localhost ~]$ sudo gedit hi.txt [sudo] password for sathia: sathia is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported. I got this prompt when i use sudo . then after using typing “su” . I will open root … Continue reading

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Google-chrome in Fedora

First we should create repository for chrome : Before creating tht repository , if we give yum install , it was showing Setting up Install Process No package chromium available. Error: Nothing to do Then i got the result when  … Continue reading

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