Chennai Geeks hackathon

Hope everybody know what is Hackathon ( click link if u don’t have idea ). I just interested to share my experience about chennai geeks hackathon and my project i done there.

Quick link for may project

ChennaiGeeks (Link)

Tech group for Geeks in chennai. I never seen such active group. There are lot of members in group who is ready to help (mentoring ) starters ( freshers ) who are interested. They are active in their facebook group,  you can’t see single spam in that group. Group is moderated by geeks. If you are interested to join and click this Link.

ChennaiGeeks Hackathon

Hackathon conducted on April 26 – 27. I spent my Birthday ( Apr 27 ) over here, Enjoyed a lot. We had 24 hours hackathon. started coding 26th 10AM to 27th 10AM. There are more that 80 Geeks and 22 teams. I have attended 3 hackathons before, unique thing about this is we had idea pitching round where we discussed about our idea before start doing hackathon. Others geeks gave suggestion about our ideas. So it helped us to decide if our idea is worth to implement.


Hackathon was conduted at Paypal | ebay office. Office looks very cool. Here are some pics took by me: Fb. And their hospitality, food should be great.

Projects by team:

Whole hackathon team did well. Everybody’s idea were unique. They were some cool fun projects like Rajini lang ( programing language with thala dialogues as syntax),  Dark night Joker app ( i don’t remeber app name. Concept of that app was finding location of noise origin using mobile phones. this concept was used by joker in dark night rises) etc.

Other project ideas are here

My project

I and Lenin joined as team. We choose idea of contribution to wikitionary by writing bot. Currently app contributes to Tamil wikitionary ( ) by taking non-existing words from Tamil virtual academy ( ). Wikitionary are most good resource which is used by google ( for translation if you searched in google ) also used in writing dictionary by various people. So it is good thing to wikitionary. There  are lot of people who contributes manually by seeing this tamil virtual academy site (  ). There is web app to access this contribution. url is not public to users because of security reasons. As if we run task, it started to contribute to wiki. Link will be shared soon once it is done.  I should thank  Mr. Shrinivasan for suggesting this project.

Presentation Link:

Project is still in beta. Project link will be shared soon. It is not shared now because we can’t run the app without whole template for content ( wikipedia ) is ready. Check here updates in this page

Its open source with GPL 3 licence. Geeks are welcome to contribute.

Thanks for Volunteers who worked hard to make it success.


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  1. What ? 😮 Your b’day? Cha, missed the treat 😀

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