[GEM] ruby-gmail – Send Email easily


sudo apt-get install ruby rubygems

sudo gem install ruby-gmail

Wow Its very easy to send email from “ruby” is very easy using “ruby-gmail”

Only four lines 🙂

require 'rubygems'
require 'gmail'
username = 'username' //sathia27
password = 'password' //your password
recipient = ARGV[0]
sub = ARGV[1]
message = ARGV[2]

Gmail.new(username, password) do |gmail|
	gmail.deliver do
	  to recipient+'@gmail.com'
	  subject sub
	  text_part do
	    body message


Usage :

ruby gmail.rb sathia2704(username) “your_subject” “body of message “


About sathia

Web developer at cloudmint
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