CROOGO creating our own theme

First Install croogo from croogo website and untar it in webroot(/var/www) and rename it

as croogo or name it as your wish.

give full permission to /app/tmp and /app/config .

Now enter http://localhost/croogo/ in browser

click install and it will prompt a window . Enter your username , password and database


And then install files . Now it will show admin page . Default username is “admin” and

password is “password” .

This is default theme of croogo by –

This layout folder will be in /app/views/layouts/default.ctp

Now how to create our own theme and going to overide our old layout file.

create directory (e.g mytheme) inside /app/views/themed

inside that create directory “layout” and “webroot”

inside layout create file default.ctp .

below is file structure

in file them.yml in webroot folder

name: Sample
description: Sample theme for Croogo
screenshot: screenshot.png

author: Author Name

  - main
  - footer

  - left
  - right

  - categories
  - tags

have your theme image in /mytheme/webroot/img .

after adding theme.yml file , don forget to select your theme .

go to admin page and  select your theme which you created when needed.

have your css file in /mytheme/webroot/css and include in default.ctp

enjoy in creating your layout in croogo cms . have tutorial for creating layout (default.ctp)

at .




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One Response to CROOGO creating our own theme

  1. Hi I need to know how to write helper/custom.php?.

    I like to know what are the helper functions available in Croogo CMS.
    Can you able to give me any url to study. I am very eager for your reply.

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