First day @ cloudmint , chennai

Hi friends ,

Today I joined  at Cloudmint , Chennai .

Mr.Palaniappan started training from today . He first taught about diffrence of Web Hosting

and Domain Hosting .

And also told about some terms :

  1. Name server
  2. Domain Name service

And started with HTML and and started teaching CSS .

He told about Box model in CSS .

and aout CSS Priority and weights..

(i.e) Id has more priority than class and tags.

and about Positioning in CSS ( Static , Fixed , Relative , Absolute )

and Told about Float and its properties and He asked to practice every properties of Float

He gave a task to create Template , I will do it soon 🙂

Pracice work on CSS

Regards ,



About sathia

Web developer at cloudmint
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One Response to First day @ cloudmint , chennai

  1. Parthasarathy says:

    web developer!!!!!

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