Cake PHP in Ubuntu

Hi ,

Mr. Palaniappan asked to install CakePHP in my system

Today I installed in my system .

First Install Lamp

sathia@sathia:/var/www$ sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

Set Mysql password and username .

Download cakePHP form website .

Dowload tar or zip file cakephp-cakephp-1.2.1-0-g9f83e96.tar.gz  . Extract it in /var/www

sathia@sathia:/var/www$ mv cakephp-cakephp-cda99b4 cakephp

Give Full permision to /tmp folder

sathia@sathia:/var/www/cakephp$ sudo chmod -R 777 app/tmp/

In file core.php in /app/config

sathia@sathia:/var/www/cakephp/app/config$ mv database.php.default  database.php

and in database.php , change username and password of your Mysql database

and in /app/config/core.php gives modilfy security.salt in line no. 151

now go to


Installing cake scripts

sathia@sathia:/var/www$ sudo apt-get install cakephp-scripts

Creating scaffold

sathia@sathia:/var/www$ cake bake sathia

It will ask for mysql password . In sathia folder , in config edit database.php and enter your

username and password



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Web developer at cloudmint
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