Setting Wireless in Ubuntu .

Hi today we installed Ubuntu in all our system in our office Slash Prog .

We are very happy for that .. Ubuntu is very user friendly

we dont have Ethernet connection ,  we have only wireless connection . First It did not detect

WLan in our system .. We struggled a lot . 😦

Then by some commands , we recover from that problem 🙂

Fisrt create access point

sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc

Then  change the frequency according to your wireless . By seeing in another

system we found that frequency was 2.457G . then I changed it

sudo iwconfig wlan0 freq 2.457G

our Wireless network name was “Mercury” .so

sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid “Mercury”

Then change channel as 4

sudo iwcofig wlan0 channel 4

Then also we did not get connected . Then we saw access point of that system , and then I changed that too >

sudo iwconfig wlan0 ap 7A:A0:78:23:0C:02

Wow 🙂 Then we started to browse from that system also 🙂


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