Learning Jquery !

helo ,

This week I started ‘jquery’ .. after reading javascript .. i have entered into jquery .. It was nice .. 🙂

Mr. Chandrashekar sir gave a tash , such that to make a photo gallery ..  It consits of many thumbs of image ..

When we keep our mouse on that (onmouse over) , it will show the larger image .. It also consits of a slider , can see next

set of images .. Successfully Completed  😀 ..

But need to learn more on Jquery  !!! ..




above one is screenshot of  my Photogallrey , which i created .. 🙂

Last sunday , sir taught about Linux processes , and type of process .. he told about ‘ps ‘ command , ”top” command..

I need to go through that today !!!



sathia ..


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One Response to Learning Jquery !

  1. kss says:

    congrates do well all the best.this is the one of the way u have to improve ur skill.

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