An Intro to AWK –

In last two week , Chandrashekar sir taught about many important  commands .. He taught about commands

like Sed , grep , find and AWK ..  he explained with many example .. I understood the concept of all commands..

He asked to do documentation on AWk .. he told it by last week .. I finished just now.. To see the documentation click below ..


Then he told the time validation using egrep command .. command was below –

egrep “\b([0-2][0-3][0-1][0-9]):([0-5][0-9]):([0-5[0-9])\b”

this is command for TIME VALIDATION .. TRY that 🙂

and also on saturday , he taught remaining part of JAVASCRIPT ..

and started AJAX .. He asked to  read javascript

On sunday he started  SHELL SCRIPTING  , he told basics about that and even gave task on that ..

Should do that !!!




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