Jumped from Ubuntu 9.10 to ubuntu 10.04 !!!


when I am practising Linux comand in my Ubuntu 9.10 .. I have deleted some important files in ubuntu..

So I cant even open my Ubuntu . It causes some problem .

So I planed to reinstall Ubuntu .. So when I asked Mr.Shrinivasan about that..  He gave me contact of a person in

cuddalore  (My native place )..He was Mr .Dr. Tirumurthi Vasudevan ..  He was doing Gnome Tamil Translation for Cuddalore…

He was also a Doctor .. I was happy on meeting him..

Then I got ubuntu 10.04 cd from him .. I din feel for losing my Old version because I learnt how to install Ubuntu.. ya, This is my

first experience in Installing Linux OS ..And Mr.Shrinivasan helped me for installing OS ..  He helped me lot .. I called him a lot of

times for this .. Thank u for him 🙂 🙂

And need to finish 30 more commands which was given by Mr. Chandrasekar babu.




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