MyFirst Experience on MySql :)


I was asked to do a task given by mr . arulalan ..

That task is that adding , searching of contacts .. should be Done in python connected to

MySqldb.. this was first i read about MySql and it takes one whole day to understand

about  the basics..   Atlast I got it .. 🙂 🙂  I feel better ..  I understand now how to create

Database and how to create Table in it.. and how to insert Values , how to load file into

Database.. and database connection with python ..  and etc etc.  Coming sunday i m going

to  attend class taken by Mr.Chandrasekar sir..  and i got one more task i.e i want to add

editing part in same program like i want to edit name or date of birth .. I m going to start

doing now  …….

bye 🙂 🙂

see my program —>




About sathia

Web developer at cloudmint
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One Response to MyFirst Experience on MySql :)

  1. Arulalan.T says:

    Hi Sathia,

    Its really great.

    You itself installed MySql even though you didnt use synaptic before.
    Also made program with mysql connectivity.


    Keep Rock.
    Wishes. 🙂

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