Class On Ruby on Saturday 14th 2010

Hi , This is my First experience to visit and attended class in IIT (chennaipy  meeting)

Its very amazing . Both suresh and me gone to IIT together ..

Class become  crowded in some time ..Even there is no place to sit for some peaple..

First Mr. Raman sir taught about LINUX admin Basics.. he told detail on full basics …

He gave lecture about File  Permission ..    He took class about 30 minutes……

After that Mr. Chandrasekar Babu took class on Ruby.. he told Importance of

Ruby , He diffrentiated with many programs like Perl, Python , java with Example

program..  It is very useful to us .He took class for about 2 hours.

At last Mr.Shrinivasan told about Softwarwe Freedom day which is Celebrated on

Sept  18..  He told we going to celebrate on Birla Planitorium. and told many things about

tat function




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