Imdb results for movie folder with Ruby

Note: Ruby should be installed and Current code was checked in Mac/Linux machines

Copying movies from your friends?

Have habit of checking imdb results before copying ?

This for you!

Just download from below url. just run ruby imdb.rb [Movies Folder] .It will try to collect imdb results of folder name ( not for all ) from google ( sidebar ) Eg:

ruby imdb.rb /media/Pendrive

Is it Interesting ? We can add more stuff into that.

  • If the rating is more than 7. You can copy to your system folder.
  • Need to beautify code.
  • Make it as Gem.

P.S It works for me. I will work until google changes some css updates in that.




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Git amend ? Rename previous commit ?

Hey, I use git for two years. I have’nt used git amend till yesterday.

Where u will use this,

Case 1:

git commit -am “old commit”

F***, I forgot to add the files with commit ( untracked files )

then i ll add it again

 git add .

And commit again, but it should come as same commit

 git commit -am “missed file”


 git add .

git commit –amend -m “old commit”


git commit  amend

This will add to your previous commit. You don need to specify message, if you don’t need new message.

Case 2:

git commit -am “od commit”

F***, I din spell “old” correctly

git commit –amend -m “old commit”

This will replace your previous “od commit” => “old commit”

^ I mostly face these two cases, But never tried amend keyword

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In RubyConf 2013

In RubyConf 2013

I had a wonderful time at ruby conf 2013.  And its my first time for attending Rubyconf. I wont miss next conference. Mostly next

conference will be at Goaaaa :).

Yep, Also enjoyed a lot :). I gone with colleagues from Hoppr  ( one of the silver sponsor of

Rubyconf2013). Met some wonderful speakers. I came to know the importance of conference. Should thank to all volunteers who did

more hard work there.

=> Food and pune climate was awesome :).

Speakers and topics in rubyconf:

I enjoyed everybody’s talk.

Read this :


Siddhant Chothe: One of most Interesting guy i met there. He gave talk on  “Turning blind eye to rails development “?”|” ! “!”

About him: He is running a company named Technovision. Peaple working there were blind and low vision. They are

doing more brilliant things. They use online tutorials to read and they are working web development tools like PHP, Rails etc. He told

that many peaple like this want to learn and he also giving more support to them. He is also low visioned guy. He also explained that

how we can help them. They actually read some tutorials through some screen readers ( audio tools that reads the current screen ) (

tools available in linux ,windows ). When we are writing websites or tutorials, he told that we must write a code that would be usable

for screen reader users. There are some guidelines, how to write code, which will be useful for those people. They own their product

called Online tutorial for those people. so that they can learn and explore things like us.  

His github profile:

See below, how we should write code ( for screen reader user’s )

If i got his slides, i would share you.

We can help him by contributing by these ways, and If you are good in rails, you can contribute to ( its open source )

Aaron Patterson, Steve and all others praised about his work :)

Aaron Patterson: Most cool person. Yeeiii!!! I got a snap with him. Great contributor of Ruby and Ruby on rails.


I am the First from the Left :)

And topics like Graph database, More with Git ( Speaker was doing magic with Git), Ruby Aurdino, Steve’s Frapuchinno. and meeting these people inspire us to contribute in open source :)

Thank You. Will meet you at next conf :)

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Create a Remote Git repository

At your server:


ssh user: test server: or ip address

mkdir gitrepo.git// Project name: gitrepo.git

git init –bare

git update-server-info

Change git working tree ( where real project will be stores when you push from local )

cd gitrepo.git/hooks

vim post-receive

GIT_WORK_TREE=/home/{Your username}/{project_name} //You can give your folder structure.

P.S: Assusmed that you have linux server and git in sever

Al Local folder:

Go to your local git repo

git remote add origin{You location of gitrepo.git}

e.g: git remote add origin

Then commit your changes, Push your changes

 git push -u origin master

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How to add running programs in bottom panel Ubuntu 10.04

For displaying list of running programs in panel (top or bottom), right click at panel

1. Select “Add to panel”

2. Search and select for “Window list”  and add it.

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Remove “index.php” in codeigniter’s Url path

Do you want to replace http://localhost/code/index.php/welcome/ to http://localhost/code/welcome/

So simple. Follow the rules below.

Create  .htaccess file in root directory.

‘code’ is root directory

gedit code/.htaccess

And then add the below rules to that.

RewriteEngine on
 RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|resources|robots\.txt)
 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
 RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L,QSA]


Done :)

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Experience in conducting workshop

Mr. Thyagarajan Shanmugam, CEO of open vidhya (my mentor) conducted workshop in Coimbatore institute of technology on September 1st and 2nd 2012. He took class on PHP and Ruby. Some basic on Ruby on rails. Students in CIT were eager in learning new technology. Me also helped some students by clearing some doubts. Here are some clicks

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